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API Examples

This page contains various examples of how to interface to Fieldpine Point of Sale and Gds server. These examples are primarily intended for programmers and other technical users

Fetching Product Information

These examples show how to fetch details of a single product. This basic code can then be altered to call other APIs, such as fetching customers, sales and other functions. If you are just getting started interfacing to Fieldpine Point of Sale, then understanding how this code works is a recommended first step

WGet, curl and other command line tools Shows the native URL format to query an API. Uses a TCP host/port connection.
Suitable for command line tools, scripts.
Visual C++ 5.0 or higher, MFC How to use MFC internet classes to query a Gds Server. This is a simple example of use and could easily be converted to other programming languages Uses a TCP host/port connection.
Mobile App Shows how a Mobile device application (Android, iOS, etc) can read product information from a server dynamically. This might be the basis of a shelf checker application or similiar. Uses a TCP host/port connection.