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Global Data Server includes a number of built in functions that can be used to assist developers. The server implements the logic and processing of these functions internally.

Charting and Mapping

Dynamic chart generator
Simple thumbnail chart generator for placing various types of charts on web pages. Capable of bar charts, line charts, pie charts, progress bar, barcode images and several other formats.

Dynamic map generator
Creates small maps and plots points on them. Designed for use in web pages to quickly display geographical representations of information.

Validation Functions

Checks if an email address is correct and valid. Checks both RFC compliance and verifies MX/DNS records. Can be called after keystroke while entering addresses or in batch mode with multiple emails in one call.
Verifies that a given bank account number is correct for New Zealand accounts. Used by document recognition systems to validate that bank account details have been correctly decoded.
Verifies that an IRD number is a valid New Zealand tax number. Used by document recognition systems to validate that GST numbers have been correctly decoded.
Checks if person names is probably correct or not.

Document Format Functions

Given a Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet as input, return a single structure in XML or JSON that defines the key points in the spreadsheet
For a random input file type, such as Excel, Word, CSV or image files (PNG, JPEG, GIF,BMP, TIFF) open the file and try and extract the contents. The returned information includes any additional intelligence that can be extracted if the document is a known type, such as fully decoding invoices. This routine is the primary routine used to implement OCR capture of invoices
Not yet documented for use
Not yet documented for use

Functions to create document types such as HTML, Word, Excel, PDF are not currently directly exposed and GDS will only create documents as part of a document formatting operation, which requires a template defining structure which is then used in a mail-merge like operation.

Messaging and Communication


Technical Functions

Mesh Memory
Interfaces to read and write small pieces of data to an address space where others clients can also read and write