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Point Of Sale


Full functionality POS for Windows. Requires a paid licence before it will operate. This kit is not designed for demos, it is for existing customers only.

Existing customers wishing to upgrade their version of POS should ideally use the Quickcode f5001 to update rather than downloading and manually installing kits

Links to Installer: PosGreen V2 Installer

Other Links: Installation Guide

PosGreen V1 Installer (retired)

Gds/2 - Store Server

Gds StoreServer Install (~65Mb) Installation kit for new stores.

Utilities and Tools

Can I Run Fieldpine?

This program checks your computer for basic compatibility with Fieldpine software such as Point Of Sale and Store Servers. If your computer is fairly new then it will be fine, mostly this program is verifying older computers.
CanRunFieldpine.exe        (Zipped version)

Technical: Program checks what type and level of CPU is in the computer and displays results. It does not require administrator privileges

Minimum Computer Requirements - A quick summary

Full Computer Details

Excel Addin

An addin for Microsoft Excel to allow you to create custom reports in Excel. Requires 32 bit Excel on Windows. Does not work with Excel 365 as this does not permit the use of addins.
XLL Addin        XLL Addin Zipped

Tu Command Line Utility This optional utility program provides a number of read and write functions for IT staff and technical users. Read and display internal file records for support. Bulk call APIs such as loading product images. Documentation