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Business Rules Setup

Business rules allow you to define exactly how certain operations should be performed at various places in the retail system. Rules are extremely flexible for advanced users even permitting your own code to be called in some circumstances.

Some examples:


Rules consist of several parts, the definition of the rule that broadly defines what the rule is, how it can be preselected for execution and which machine will be called to implement the machine.

The rule definition defines the rule in terms of description, time periods and broad conditions. This definition is controlled by application and cannot be altered.

Each rule definition includes a single machine to implement the rule. These machines are called by the application whenever it thinks the rule may apply. The machine is free to apply whatever logic it wishes and return optional commands to affect the state of the sale.

You can define your own machine and deliver it as compiled code, or use a range of pre built machines

When building your own machine, keep the following points in mind