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Purchase Order Symbols

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Selects the current item (product being ordered) and returns VALUE from line item symbols.
(11 Sep 14) If the supplier for this purchase order has defined specific codes for each of your retail stores, this symbol contains the suppliers code for the store this order is shipping too. If the supplier has not set a code, this value is blank.

To set supplier specific store codes, edit the supplier record and enter the codes against each supplier

Selects the current purchase order supplier and returns symbols for them
Returns location symbols for the location this order is shipping too. Purchase orders can have a different ordering location (one store can order for another) and these symbols are only for destination store.
The internal purchase order reference number. This is the number used by the retail system, for the purchase order number given to a supplier use purchaseorder.cust_ponum
The purchase order reference number. This is the reference number that is commonly used when talking to suppliers
The date (and time) this purchase order was created.
Comments for this particular purchase order that are intended for the supplier.